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Bollywood Kids In-person Classes-3 Months- All levels

With this plan your child can be enrolled to attend in-person classes in any ONE of the following available classes on a weekly basis. If a child misses their regular weekly class, they can attend another class in the same month of preferably the same level/ age group to make-up their missed class.

SUNDAYS 10.30 AM- Kids Bollywood 3-5 yrs
SUNDAYS 3 PM- Kids Bollywood 4-6 yrs
SUNDAYS 4 PM- Kids Bollywood 6-8 yrs
SUNDAYS 5 PM- Kids Bollywood 9+ yrs / Teens

MONDAYS 5.30 PM- Kids Bollywood 4-7 yrs

WEDNESDAYS 6 PM- Kids Bollywood 8-12 yrs

THURSDAYS 6 PM- Kids Bollywood 4-7 yrs

FRIDAYS 5 PM- Kids Bollywood 8+ yrs

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