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MonsoonFit Yoga Classes

1 visit free From $10 per visit with 24 MonsoonFit Classes pass Purchase required to enroll Show full pricing
MonsoonFit Free Trial 1 visit free • regularly $15 • For first time customers only. Drop-in and Try out any MonsoonFit class for Free.
Monsoon: Single Class or Workshop $15 • 1 visit • Pass covers a single visit to any of Adult Choreography class OR YOGA CLASSES by Monsoon Dance.
4 MonsoonFit Classes $55 • 4 visits • Attend any 4 MonsoonFit classes at any location.
8 MonsoonFit Classes $100 • 8 visits • You can attend any 8 MonsoonFit classes at any location
12 MonsoonFit Classes $125 • 12 visits • Attend 12 MonsoonFit Bollywood Workout classes OR Yoga weekly classes at any location
24 MonsoonFit Classes $240 • 24 visits • Attend 24 MonsoonFit Bollywood Workout OR Yoga weekly classes at any location
UNLIMITED MonsoonFit Monthly- Virtual Dance & Yoga Classes everyday $25 every month • Unlimited visits • For ONLY $25 per month, get 200 class hours of our virtual dance & yoga fitness program every month!!!
UNLIMITED MonsoonFit Monthly- In-person Dance & Yoga Classes everyday $85 every month • Unlimited visits • Attend any number of MonsoonFit Bollywood Workout classes at upon Monthly enrollment. Access to ~28 Classes in one month!
UNLIMITED MonsoonFit & Bollywood Choreography Monthly $115 every month • Unlimited visits • UNLIMITED MONSOONFIT & CHOREOGRAPHY CLASS DEAL for ADULTS at $115 per month
UNLIMITED Bollywood Kids Monthly Plan $135 every month • Unlimited visits • This plan gives you in-person access to ALL MonsoonFIT Classes (4 Every week) and ALL OPEN Kids classes (4 Every week). Perfect Summer program for Kids to take as many Dance classes and stay fit and fun!
UNLIMITED MonsoonFit 3-months: In-person Dance & Yoga Classes everyday $225 • Unlimited visits for 3 months • MonsoonFit BollyYOGA UNLIMITED for 3 months!!
Attend any number of MonsoonFit Bollywood Workout classes and YOGA classes upon enrollment. Access to a total of 60 Classes over 3 months for ONLY $180.

We believe in Fitness of Mind, Body & Soul. MonsoonFit Program offers you Yoga classes for a perfect work-out schedule for yourself every week!

Our Yoga classes focus on inner peace, calm, flexibility and regenerative techniques to get energized and rejuvenated.
Every MonsoonFit Class strikes a great balance between Fitness and Fun at a whole new level!!

Attend classes every day or pick a program schedule that works best with your life!