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Bollywood KIDS Dance Sessions See All Times

4-7 yrs SUMMER Kids Level 1 WED 6 PM August 12, 2020

Recital fees/ tickets to recital is additional $25-30.
Class Policies
1. Please arrive on time. Late arrivals disturb students and instructor in the class room
2. If your child misses a class, make-up is allowed at no extra cost by attending any other class of the same level.
3. Minimal interaction with your child during class unless the instructor announces break-time
4. We cannot ensure a spot for your child if fees are not paid ONLINE. Please do not discuss enrollment with instructor to avoid administrative overhead for instructor. We want our instructors to be focused on teaching dance and not administrative work. For enrollment questions, please send us an email to office@monsoondance.com.
5. Please bring a water bottle for your child.
6. Have the kids dressed in comfortable clothing. Avoid jeans or skirts that restrict movement
7. Fees for session are non-refundable. For medical reasons, exceptions can be made with a doctors certificate

Weekly Bollywood Classes for Kids (4 yrs+) is focused on improving the child's dance skill, stage confidence, performance abilities and knowledge of music and culture. The session ends with a performance recital to showcase the students learning from the session.The Summer Session is 12 weeks long spread over 14 weeks to accommodate Memorial Day weekend break & July 4th weekend break. First class of the session starts on May 10th and last class is on/before Aug 15th.

Our weekly dance classes for kids strictly follow a Monsoon Dance proprietary Curriculum that is designed to truly improve our student's dance style, cultural know-how, flexibility, balance, poise, energy and performance. Kids Bollywood Dance Classes are organized by class levels which are combination of the students age & skill. Following levels of classes are available:4-7 yrs - Kids Level 16-10 yrs - Kids Level 28-12 yrs - Kids Level 3Teens- Kids SuperstarsEach class is 50 min long with 2 3-min breaks for rest and water. Every session focuses on a new aspect of Indian or Bollywood dance and has a choreography theme to keep the classes challenging and fun for kids. The session is followed by a recital to present the learning (2-3 Bollywood Medleys/Songs) and advancement in that session.

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